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Dating Program for Adults with Autism

Abba's Caring Hands provides a social skills program to help adults with autism spectrum disorder learn skills to find and maintain romantic relationships.

Classes start August 2023. Conversation Skills Training is recommended as prerequisite.

For additional questions, call (323) 702-2444, or email

Certified UCLA PEERS® Curriculum

Private Pay accepted

Topics Covered:

  • Choosing appropriate people to date

  • Starting conversations

  • Maintaining conversations

  • Entering and exiting conversations

  • Electronic communication

  • Creating Dating Profiles

  • Online Dating

  • Letting someone know you like them

  • Asking someone on a date

  • Handling rejection

  • Going on Dates

  • Dating do's and don'ts

  • Handling dating pressure

  • Physical contact and sexual activity

  • Relationship boundaries

  • Conflict resolution

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